Need help with selecting a bike from a LBS or an internet company

I hope I'm not beating a dead horse with this. I currently have an old Giant OCR-2 (Shimano Tiagra) road bike and I plan to upgrade in June. Up until last week, I had narrowed down my search to the following bikes, pending test rides for the final decision: BMC Road Racer SL01-Ultegra, Scott CR1 Pro-Ultegra, or the Cannondale CAAD10-1 Dura Ace. Last week, I saw an article in a bike magazine about the Fezzari Fore CR3 -Dura Ace/Ultegra. The article gave the bike excellent reviews and other websites also gave the bike and the customer service excellent reviews. The description and price of the bike make it a very good value and buy. I'm extremely interested in the Fezzari but it's sold only through their one bike shop in Utah and internet sales. I'm a newbie but all the LBS says you should test ride a bike before you buy it. The Fezzari has a 30-day guarantee on customer satisfaction or the customer can return it. I need some input/guidance! Thanks in advance for your help.


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Oct 15, 2010
If your confident you know what you need and you also don't require the service of your LBS, then you should price shop and buy the cheapest. Consumers do this with everything else, bikes are no different. On the flip side, if your understanding of your requirements is poor, then paying a little more at a bike shop will be a good investment.


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Jun 10, 2004
If I were you, I would try to verify what exactly Fezzari's 30-day guarantee entails, especially how shipping is handled (in terms of payment) in both directions, how long the return process takes to put your money back in your hands, and etc. Being able to test ride a bike without having to pay for the whole bike is probably the best option since the glow of purchase might color your opinions of the Fezzari such that you overlook things that aren't so great and that later could make you regret your purchase. Notice I said "might." In any case, if I were you I would test ride all the bikes possible before spending money on the Fezzari. If none of them work out and you still want to the Fezzari, then you'll at least have a lot more bikes to which you can compare the Fezzari.