Need more padding in shorts: male issues


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Mar 6, 2022
Moderate 80 miles weekly 2.00 tire rider for senior health. Getting the numb prostrate issue with basic thin padded shorts and cut out seat. I've seen guys like me with no butt like me with large "blocks" of padding but I can't find any?
Large blocks of padding INSIDE their shorts? I've never seen that, and I've ridden for over 45 years. By the way, I have no butt either.

The more you ride the less you need a lot of padding either on the seat or in the shorts.

Bib shorts will have more padding than just shorts, so with that in mind one of the top rated bib shorts for long 5 or so hour rides is Assos Mille GT Summer Bib Shorts GTS but they are expensive, I don't own these.

The other option is to get a thickly padded gel seat. However, thickly padded seats will hurt your butt the longer you ride in a day.
I have a sizeable butt both in muscles and fat but doesn't really solve numbness down there if you have a wrong setup because the muscles / fat over the sit bones move out of the way of the sit bones offering very little support.

Besides, you wouldn't want to sit on your glutes (the butt muscles) as it would negatively affect your cycling efficiency and power output unless for some reason, you have very weak activation of the glutes during cycling. Something you shouldn't be going for.

What you need is a saddle with a huge cutout or 'relief channel' at the center. Better yet, go to a pro bike fitter as they can offer you many different saddles to try out and also correct any fitting mistakes which may actually be causing your problems.

Huge blocks of padding is not guaranteed to solve your problem and could even make things worse. Go to fitter to be sure. If you can't afford pro bike fitting, go to an LBS who is willing to lend you different saddles to try out which one solves your problem.
Sounds like you're putting in some serious work on your bike! Sorry to hear about the numb prostate issue, that's no fun. It can definitely be tough finding the right gear to keep you comfortable on those long rides. Have you checked out any specialty cycling shops in your area? They might have some more options for padded shorts and seats with extra padding. You could also try searching online for "cycling shorts for prostate issues" or something similar. Don't worry about those other guys with the big blocks of padding, just focus on finding what works for you.
These saddles are designed for riders with prostate issues if nothing else works:

If you find those pricey, there's cheap knock off at Walmart:


All these models are slightly sprung...The rails flex a bit like a spring to soak some bumps but shouldn't be too bouncy.

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