Need more padding in shorts: male issues


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Mar 6, 2022
Moderate 80 miles weekly 2.00 tire rider for senior health. Getting the numb prostrate issue with basic thin padded shorts and cut out seat. I've seen guys like me with no butt like me with large "blocks" of padding but I can't find any?


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
Large blocks of padding INSIDE their shorts? I've never seen that, and I've ridden for over 45 years. By the way, I have no butt either.

The more you ride the less you need a lot of padding either on the seat or in the shorts.

Bib shorts will have more padding than just shorts, so with that in mind one of the top rated bib shorts for long 5 or so hour rides is Assos Mille GT Summer Bib Shorts GTS but they are expensive, I don't own these.

The other option is to get a thickly padded gel seat. However, thickly padded seats will hurt your butt the longer you ride in a day.

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