Need quick answer on wheel conversion


Apr 10, 2011
in about to buy a used Zipp wheel set, but it has a 10-speed cassette. I want to put them in my trek that is an 11-speed. How difficult is this to convert, if it's even possible? Can I use my current hub or do I need to buy a new one?

Please answer quickly, running out of time on eBay.
You will need another FREEHUB body if you want to install a 'normal' 11-speed Cassette ...

AND, the rear wheel will probably need to be re-dished (BUT, may not if it is set up the way MAVIC does their wheels) ...

Campagnolo 11-speed Cog spacing is essentially the same as 11-speed Shimano spacing; so, in the worst-case-scenario, you could have a Campagnolo Freehub body installed on the wheel IF you are willing to pony up for a (probably) more expensive Campagnolo Cassette.​
REGARDLESS, because the Cog spacing is essentially the same, you can run a 10-speed Shimano/-compatible Cassette in an 11-speed drivetrain AFTER you adjust the rear derailleur's stops so that the rear derailleur only covers the span of the 10 Cogs.