need rec for seat post clamp for Lyte Rider/ Wilder fork

Discussion in ' archive' started by The Munieer, Apr 2, 2004.

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    The Munieer wrote:
    > *I am looking for recommendations for a seat post clamp
    > for a Lyte Ryder aka Wilder fork.
    > Thanks *
    Surly Constrictor. We were having troubles with exactly that
    frame -- the seatpost kept slipping. I found this clamp, we
    tried it, it works great.

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    I have had a Salsa quick release on mine since I got it 2
    years ago. No slippage problems at all and personally I
    would hate to give up the convenience of a quick release.
    Yes, it is a little expensive. I am surprised to hear of a
    problem with slippage on an aluminum frame. The Tompson
    seatposts like I use have small lathe tool marks around the
    post which I think helps because it decreases the surface
    contact area, which increases the friction between the post
    and the tube considerably over something smooth like a
    chrome post, for instance. The only problem I had with the
    Salsa is it started getting hard to operate and I should
    have imediately cleaned and lubed it but I didn't and it
    wore one of the lobes down so that now the lever sits a
    little crooked. Even at that, after putting a dab of grease
    on the lobes it has worked as good as new.


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