Need route advice in area of Idaho Springs, Colorado

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by 5342, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    Does anyone here know if there's a safe and practical route from Idaho Springs, Colorado's downtown to old Hwy 40 at the base of Floyd Hill? Some years ago I'd ride over Squaw Pass into Idaho Springs and follow (I think) Miner St until it left town and eventually dumped me on to I-70. I'd ride east for about a mile on the shoulder to a point where you could exit to the left and pick up a road to Central City. I'd do a hard right onto the old highway and take that into Denver via Morrison. Killer ride. Suppose I-70 was crazy but I never once had an accident, never once had a close call or even a flat (on tubies no less.) The cars always slowed down and gave me tons of space for the quick cut across the two lanes to the exit. Hot and noisy, but that was it. That was also quite a while ago; before everyone drove and texted at the same time.

    Google maps shows what looks like some road that becomes a path that goes under I-70 but the last bit looks pretty rough. Anyone know anything about it, or ridden it? Looking at doing that ride again this Summer.

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    I live near Golden, and drive I-70 frequently, but I don't know about the path underneath I-70 at that point.
    I can ask around a bit and see if anybody I know here knows.
    I'm assuming roadie with skinny tires?
    How long ago was "some years ago?" These days, Sunday afternoon ski traffic back to the city on I-70 starts around 12:00 on Saturday afternoon... :)
    I-70's enough of a crapshoot in a car - I wouldn't pedal on it for 5 feet these days. I'm a bit of a wuss though, I've lived here my entire life and can't think of a time when I-70 was empty enough that I'd feel safe riding on it - it does as you note though, have a nice wide shoulder. I'm not sure about the laws regarding biking on Interstate highway, I've always assumed it wasn't allowed, but I really have no idea.

    Anyway, I'll ask around and see what I can find - it would be a killer ride.