Need some advice...Trek 7.2 FX, Scott Sportster P5, Cnnondale Quick 5


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Jul 10, 2009
I know there are a numerous amount of the same posts here, but I like getting everyone else input.

I am just getting back into bike riding since a kid and need some helpful advice on what others think of the bikes I have listed. I am 6'2 230 lbs so not a small guy. I want to ride to get back into shape and plan on riding to work which is only 6-7 miles round trip. I would like to hear your opinions on the following bikes:
Trek 7.2 FX-$450
Cannondale Quick 5-$500
Scott Sportster P5-$410
Gary Fisher Nirvana-$490
Specialized Sirius-$500

I would rather not spend over $500 since I am only a teacher/coach but want to get the most for my money. I also don't want to out grow this bike if I really take up riding. I plan on mainly riding on paved trails and the road, but also want to get something that might hold up if a light off road trail comes up. I would appreciate any help that you might be able to offer. . Thanks
Hey, I am almost the some size as you and just got back into biking also.
I went with the Trek 7100 for the more upright feel, and the front suspension is nice, but both the 7.x and the 7x00 series felt great.
Nothing against the others, I have no experience.
I got mine with a bunch of goodies{computer, toe straps, bar ends, mirror, etc...} for under $500, I know the 7.2 would be an upgrade so there wouldn't be as many goodies under $500 but, yeah.
I am not attempting to give advise, I know I don't know enough, just saw we were the same size and thought I would relay my experience.
Good luck and have fun.
I, like you, am just getting back into biking. I'm also about your size. I appreciated the response you received.

I am currently in the market and my goals for rides are similar.

Do you plan to buy from a bike shop or from one of the big box stores?

thanks for any news.
Krusty, thanks for the input I appreciate it
Jack, I am planning on buying one from a local bike shop. They are down to earth and have great custumer service. They offer a 30 day deal if you buy a bike from them they will do anything to accomadate the bike so it fits you for free. Then for 1 year they will fix anything for free. And free lifetime servicing. Between that and being able to test ride a bike I think its too hard to pass up. They are suppose to be getting the trek in my size in in the next couple days.Only bad thing is they only carry the trex I listed. A friend of mine who works at a big bike shop but not around me told me to go with the trek or scott. He said they are similar. SO as of now I am leaning towards the trek unless I hear something different on here.
Update....Well I just purchesed the Trek 7.3 fx 2 days ago. The reason I went with the 7.3 is because Trek just started a sale on the 7.3 for $500. I ended up buying one for me and one for my girlfriend and ended up getting them for $450 each with a water bottle rack thrown in for each. The bike shop I got it from includes a 30 day deal where they will help fix the bike to accomadate you for free, 1 year free maintence, and lifetime servicing. I have put about 25 miles on it so far and must say I am rather happy so far. I might get a differnt seat soon. Trying to break the original one in first, but its a little uncomfortable right now. I will update again once I ride it a little more.
Are there any other modifications that anyone might suggest that I should make. Especially in the 1st 30 days
I'm actually looking at almost the same choices you gave in your first post, and I am leaning towards the Trek 7.3 so please do let us know how you are liking it. I'm looking to buy in the next week or so.

I've never had a "women's" bike (well besides the pink one I had when I was 8) so I am thinking about just getting the men's version (I'm 5'5", but make a tall impression so the bike shop guys usually suggest the men's version for me). I don't know too much about bikes, can anyone tell me why to get a women's over a men's bike, or vice versa? The bike shop I'm looking at has both Treks in stock, so....
I can't tell you exactly what the differences between the men's and women's version is since I am new to biking myself. All I know is that the women's bike comes with a different seat and narrower handle bars. My girlfriend just got the same 7.3 I did only in a smaller size. She didn't like the color of the women's version (yes I know she is picky and that should be the least of her worries but whatever makes her happy) so she just got the men's version in a smaller size. So far she has liked it but hasn't put that many miles on it and she was use to riding a mountain bike so she likes the speed and weight so far. I have put about 50-60 miles on mine so far and I am really pleased. No problems or concerns yet but I know it is still too early to tell. Only adjust I might make would possibly be a differnt seat and possibly some differnt pedals. Hope this helps and feel free to ask again with any questions. I plan on putting more miles on it in the coming weeks as I am already commuting to work and riding for fitness everyday.
Great, thanks for the info. I was going to try to test ride, but had to stay late at work, so maybe tomorrow!

And tell your girlfriend I'm on her side, I didn't like to look of the women's version of the Trek either.

I think the other bike I will try to test ride at this particular bike shop is the Specialized Globe Vienna 3, but it's about 150 bucks more, which I'm trying to save for pedals and bike shoes :)
I'm thinking to get clip pedals*, what different pedals were you thinking of?

*or whatever they're called
You are on the right track. I test rode the Trek 7.3 and Trek 7500 last week. 7.3 put me in a riding position that I really like but the front derailder shift a bit rough. The 7500 shifted like butter but runs $800+ So I suggest your test ride for fit and choose the 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 based on budget. As long as you get 15% off list, you are getting what you pay for. I loved by old Gary Fisher mountain bike too so I think you will be okay with that brand (made by Trek). (I had friends buy lower end bikes at Costco and ****'s which are fine for very casual use. As you look at that stuff very closely, you find where they cut corners to meet the cost targets)