Need some help whit nutrition advice.

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    Has since last August, started cycling pretty seriously we are now running about 3-4 times a week and the distance varies from 30km to 100km as i cycled today. But my weight has remained pretty the same maybe gone up a couple of pounds, but considering how much energy I burn off in each round i should have gone down, my theory is that I have eaten very little about 2300Cal a few times when I been serious and weighed everything I ate , some times perhaps more but usually I do think that I eat less than 2300cal ... A round of about 45km takes about 80-90 minutes to bike and I have a Polar watch with chest strap, in the watch I've listed my "stats" so it says that i consumes about 1500cal in 90 min.(45km ride) So, 2300-1500 = approx 800cal left to rest of the day and includes of course work , i probably am awake about 17-18 hours per day. Do this severe caloric deficit (which I assume it is) that my body does not give away any, but instead stores or refuses to release the fat? How much energy do you think I should get up to, 3000Cal? I bought home food supplements now that I eat some. I use: Vitargo CARBOLOADER about 1hour before cycling Vitargo + electrolyt type of sports drink to have in the bottle while riding Dalblads gainer for recovery after completion of the session I take the recommended dose of these three will be about 810Cal. 2300 +810 = 3100Cal enough? The question is whether the fast carbohydrates rather make me gain weight? I want to lose some weight but can i do it without sacrificing the recovery? I still want to be able to continue to train hard and get better because I'm going to run a competition(300km)sub10 in about 10 weeks ... Stats 1.72 cm 87kilo Fairly easy job is not sitting still, but no heavy lifting, etc... any one able to give me some input? Sorry if there are some spelling issues, English is not my mother languish. Sincerely