Need to choose an ACL brace for MTB XC racing

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    Sep 22, 2003
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    Does anyone race with an ACL brace? Which one is the best?

    I found out last month that I have a “high grade partial to complete” tear of my ACL (the ACL is not at all visible on the MRI). The injury (indoor soccer) occurred last July, I “healed” and continued MTB XC racing. I just had my third opinion, which of course was to have reconstruction surgery, but was told that since my quads are strong and my knee does not give out on me that I could buy a brace and race this season.

    I have a prescription for a custom ACL brace, insurance will cover 90%, but I need word of mouth recommendations to choose a brace. I am female, 5'5", 117. I searched the web and have compiled the following list of suppliers and the braces I think would be the best fit: Innovation Sports (CTi2, Aspire), Breg (woman’s X2K/X2Km), Townsend (Rebel), DonJoy (Defiance), GII or Generation II (3DX). No, the doctor does not have a preference/recommendation and each place I go to fill the prescription has only one rep from one company and no one cycles, so I am not getting any meaningful feedback.

    Is there anyone out there racing with a brace? If so, which one and do you have any likes and dislikes with the brace? Thanks for any info!!