Need to gain weight... big time.

Discussion in 'Health Nutrition and Supplements' started by Etxy, Oct 29, 2003.

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    Feb 22, 2002
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    Agreed, you need to find a decent coach.

  2. Etxy

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    Thanks for the advice- I've dropped one of the track sessions, and one of the races too. My schedule now looks a bit like this-

    Monday- 7.5 k to track, 2 hour training session, 7.5 k home.
    Tuesday- 15 km Mountain Bike (for variety) OR 1 hour road ride recovery.
    Wednesday- 7.5 k to track, 1-3 hour training session, 7.5 k home.
    Thursday- Recovery ride
    Friday- 1 hour road recovery ride OR rest day
    Saturday- 7.5 k to track, track race program, 7.5 k home.
    Sunday- Recovery ride OR 60 k ride.

    I'll make an effort to find a coach- at the moment, the one I've got runs a fairly general session (the Monday one) and due to a nasty set of flats on the way to the track (both tyres popped at the same time as I rode over something, did a Beloki across an entire lane at 40 km/h and somehow managed to stay on my bike), didn't get to see what the Wednesday session was like. I think that it would be a little better, because he has coached people to national titles, and uses more scientific methods like Heart Rate Monitors and Cadence. The other coach gets people to ride as hard as they can....

    I'll give another update about my race this Saturday this weekend. :)
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    Jul 31, 2003
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    You're WORRIED about being a light cyclist?!?!?!

    Has the world gone topsy turvy?

    I'd be pretty bloody happy if I weighed that little (and had such a low resting heart rate) as a cyclist.

    One of my training partners is about 178~180cm tall and weighs about ~55kg. The most weight he could gain was about half a kilo after gym work and lots of protein.
    I really wouldn't worry.