Need to order complete headset!


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Apr 18, 2011
I have a bare carbon frame and a bare carbon fork. I need a headset with crown and all the other little pieces. Is there a kit I can order with everything in it? Any suggestions on what type I should buy?


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Aug 31, 2003
Originally Posted by grandamn
Any suggestions on what type I should buy?
One that fits. Installing the wrong headset for your bike, or the wrong sized headset, or improperly installing a headset, can result in crappy steering and/or a permanently ruined frame.

Study the following topics on this page from the Part Tool website,
  • Headset Standards
  • Standardized Headset Identification System
  • Threadless Headset Service
  • Star Fangled Nut and Expansion Plug Installation

Then, if you know you want to continue to do this on your own and you know exactly what you need, get back to us. Or you can take your frame to the most reputable shop in your area on a quiet day and have them measure it and order you something that fits the bike and your needs.