Neede Advice on carbon fiber 'bent


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Jul 18, 2011
I have been riding a Rans V-rex for 13 years, and love the overall quality and performance. I also like the "more" vertical seating than on some other bikes.

I want to upgrade to a carbon fiber frame SWB bike, but I live in Maine where there are not a lot of dealers, so I need some advice.

I am currently looking at the Lightning R-84 and the Bachetta Aero 2. Are there other carbon fiber bikes I should be looking at?

As I said, I like more upright seating. Is the Lightning a better choice for that? Has the Lightning gone to a lower seat bike in the last couple of years?

Which bike has seating like on the V-rex?

Anyone have any concerns about either of these bikes in terms of quality, durability, parts, tires, etc?

I am also not into touring very much, but I do a bit of it. Are either of these bikes better suited for medium loads and long-distance touring?

Any help is much appreciated.

I can't offer much advice about which one to buy, or even if you need carbon given your preference for a less aerodynamic position. The carbon bikes are made with performance in mind, and cutting aero drag is part of the strategy for speed. Carbon bikes with *more* upright seating would be the Lightning R-84, the EasyRacers C-Rush, and the Calfee (if it's still available.) After riding a V-Rex for years, I found the Lightnings to be uncomfortably upright, but that doesn't mean you will. More reclined would be the Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2, the Carbent, the M5 Carbon Highracer, and the Velokraft Hiracer.

The Bacchettas can come with a meshback seat, which would allow the CA2's seating to be a bit more upright than the other highracers. There would be a weight penalty, which would offset the light weight of the carbon frame.
Hi Rolf
I too have ridden a VRex for a good many years. I recently purcheased a Baron Optima with an aluminum frame but a lot of carbon fibre components. I love the speed but the baron isn't that practocal in the city. What part of Maine are you in? I'm across the border in New Brunswick (Canada) and have no problem finding uncrowded pavement.
Bacchetta makes a nice high racer in different material and weight depending on what you want to spend. I think the closest dealer is "The Bicycle Man". They have lots of bents to choose from. Might be worth a visit or at least a call.
in Alfred Station NY.
Hi Rolf,
Another option is in Turners Falls, MA, approaching the VT border on Interstate 91. Dave has been selling and working on recumbents for a few decades. I purchased a V-Rex from him many years ago, and just visited recently for a consult regarding a '07 Rocket I recently picked up.

Dave rides the Bachetta Carbon Aero 2.0 and was raving about the carbon frame. I saw the bike, and picked it up.....incredibly light. I know this is likely not the upright bike you are looking for...however wanted to let you know it is there to check out if interested.

btw: Another option (a tad costly), is to find the bike you want and put a RANS seat on it. If you check out the RANS site you can find out which bikes they custom build their own seats for.
Originally Posted by blazingpedals .

The Bacchettas can come with a meshback seat, which would allow the CA2's seating to be a bit more upright than the other highracers. There would be a weight penalty, which would offset the light weight of the carbon frame.

Depending on how you set up the carbon seat... If you go minimalist on the euromesh, it can actually be lighter than the Carbon seat. The carbon seat has to have mounting hardware which never finds it's way into weight comparisons... where the euromesh has the mounting hardware and the bottle cage mounting already built in. I use a fastback and a head rest on my carbon seat, and it weighs more than the euro with a cage and no pad. The euro is quite rideable without a pad, if your bones don't line up with the frame. :) But the carbon seat is flawless comfort.

Although, for this climbing season, I'm planning on trying out a bottle cage mount using zip ties, so they'll break off instead of the seat. Should be really light, too.

What I meant to say was that Bacchetta's Recurve seat weighs more than a shell-type seat, and that the CA2 is designed for to be ridden in a more laid-back position. So although putting a Recurve on a CA2 could be done, that might not be the best path to go down. Personally, I think given that preference, OP would be better served looking at the R-84 or the C-Rush.
yeah, the recurve is a beast.
Interestingly, I did an hour and half on the trainer on my Giro 20 with the recurve seat and noticed my feet were falling asleep. A few days later, I put the Corsa on the trainer and did an hour 40 with no issues whatsoever.
If you want an upright seat, then yeah, probably hard to beat the Lightning.
I am very happy with my Giro, though. An incredible and versatile bike. I put the carbon seat on it and put a 24 inch wheel on it. With a stellar wheelset, I think it'd be really close to the Corsa for speed.

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