NEHPV Rally - A must see for 'bent riders


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Jul 14, 2006
Hi Folks,
The New England HPV Rally is shaping up to be quite the event - some developments of note regarding the Rally:

David Gordon Wilson (one of the founders of the modern Human Powered Vehicle movement, author of Bicycling Science, and past president of IHPVA, among many other HPV related accomplishments) will be acting as the keynote speaker at the Expo, and for those full registrees who are interested in building their own velomobile/HPV, Nick Hein will give a brief talk on velomobile design and aerodynamics and John Tetz will present information on one of his HPV related specialities, making fairings out of plastazote (he is also bringing his plastazote velomobile).

A wide variety of other HPV's will also be there: Dave Shank from western NY with his kit built Velomobile USA FAW+ and Versatile velomobile, KRASH with his Velo-kit (which is reported to be under $1K), and Steve Mosca, with his BionX assisted Go-One, among others.

Registrations have been coming in, but we are still short of the 30 registree target by September 15, with one week left to go.

For additional information on the Rally, registration info, etc. please visit the Rally page at