New 2012km Cycling Charity Challenge!

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    [SIZE= 10pt]Hi,[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]I work for the Gold Challenge, and just wanted to let you know that we have just launched a new endurance challenge which we think is perfect for serious cyclists like yourselves.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]Signing up is free and those that sign up before the end of August 2011 - you will be entered into a ballot to win 2 tickets to the BT British Olympic Ball: Amazing!!

    We’re part of the official Olympic Legacy project and work with the British Olympic Association and Team GB.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]To celebrate the Olympics coming to London, the idea is that you or your team must cover 2012km by cycling as fast as you can.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]You log your distances online through our Totalizer tool, which allows you to track how far you’ve gone, and keep your sponsors updated with your progress.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]What do you think? Find out more about it here by clicking on the 2012 km Challenge button:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]All comments, questions and feedback is welcome and seriously appreciated![/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]Thanks from Alice at Gold Challenge.[/SIZE]