New amazing trails for MTB in Huaraz - PERU


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Feb 25, 2007
Another great destination for mountain biking in Peru: Huaraz. It's a well recognized place for mountain climbing and ice climbing because Huaraz has the highest tropical glaciers on earth. The Huascaran Summit measures 6,768 masl (22,205 ft.) and it's the highest mountain in Peru. There are more than 20 mountains above 6,000 meters near Huaraz and that makes mountain biking very special. Some trails are near the snow (above 4,500 masl) and you can feel like you are making ice climbing with your bike.

We have to thank ancient cultures near Huaraz with more than 2,500 years old that left us hundreds of kilometers of singletracks full of rock steps and fast sections that crosses the mountains near Huaraz. And at the end of the day, you can relax on natural hot springs that will relief any pain in your body.

Now, enjoy these pictures:

Check the exposure on both sides of the trail! This is only for expert riders.

Descending from the snow near 5,000 masl down to the Santa Valley at 2,500 masl.

Nice landscapes around Huaraz.

Huascaran Summit where we pass with our bikes very close to the snow.

Snow on the trail and it's not the snowy season.






Sketchy Trails!

Living Culture!

Smooth Trails!

Little of climbing!

Fast Trails!

Narrow Singletracks!

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