New Bachetta ride looks tight!

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> On 08/05/2005 04:46:33 Slugger <[email protected]> wrote:

>> Damn that is a fine bike! Nice geometry there. Those seats look so nice
>> too.

>> But this is the life a bent rider I guess. Always wanting more bikes :)
>> That stratus looks fast though.

> Not a bad weight for a LWB either, LWB recumbents are very very rare over
> here.

That is because English cyclists do not have the brains they were born with.
I give you Buck (Ian) as the prime example of the species. They seem to
think SWB is the cat's pajamas when all the rest of the world knows that
only LWB makes any sense for a recumbent.

Remember, all island nations are nuts. I give you Japan as another example.

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