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    Hubby's bike of 40 years ago finally gave up the ghost - it was a Raleigh Oasis - 6 speed - he wanted to have it fixed but it was more to fix it then what we paid 40 years ago. I was so happy!!!!!! He is 65 this year and likes comfort. We have looked at Hybrids, Mountains and now Cruisers (7 speed) He is liking the Cruiser - either the Manhattan Smoothie or the Electra Townie. Both look very similar but the Manhattan is about 200$ cheaper. Anyone have any experience with either bike? Are they pretty much the same only one is more name brand popular? We live at the base of the Niagara Escarpment (think hill the size of Niagara Falls) so there will be that hill if we decide to do a bigger ride but for the most part, riding here is pretty flat. I have a Norco Hybrid that I love and he has never been able to keep up so I'm hoping it was just the old bike and the new cruiser will be a bit quicker for him :) We did look at an electric for him that had a Sanyo battery but I couldn't find enough info on it when I tried to research. It was a 6 speed but if you turned it on it really went. I would be having trouble keeping up LOL