New bike. cannondale synapse. 2007?

Frank Rubio

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Oct 10, 2016
Mentioned to a friend that I wanted to start riding in to work. He mentioned that he had a bike and never used it and that I could have it. I felt bad so I gave him $200. I can't figure out what year it is. Can someone help? Also I'd like to add some fenders and everything I've searched is for newer models. Any help there too would be great. Thanks in advance.
The first year the Cannondale Synapse was widely available was 2006. (There are some Synapses from 2005, they're identifiable by the PAVE acronym on the fork & chainstays rather than the SAVE that later models used. Or wait, maybe it's the other way around...)
So it's indeed possible you may have gotten a 2007, though without a picture it's hard to be certain.

So long as the frame is intact $200 is an awesome deal for a 10-year-old Synapse.

I doubt you'll be able to get any fenders in there. SKS RaceBlades will work, but there's not enough clearance for any full-coverage fender, not even the PDWs.
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