New bike - How to keep clean with a furry dog?


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Aug 31, 2008
Well I am returning to biking finally. I got a Gravity Avenue B from BikesDirect and just waiting on the LBS to finish assembling it. I already got my gear and ready to have some fun!

My last time I had my bike though, I kept my bike inside (I live in a small townhouse), and I have a golden retriever that just loves to shed hairballs in warm weather. It so happens that those hairballs get on the chain. Any recommendations? Maybe covering it with a blanket or something? It's a brand new entry level bike so I want to try and keep it in tip top shape. Stupid issue to have, but it needs to be addressed ;> Thanks fellow bikers
You can maybe hang the bike on a hook up the wall where fido cant reach it?


Can't be worse than my furball.

Atilla. He's 20 this year...

Come to think of it a buddy of mine had a golden and I once went over right after a brushing. I didn't realize that much hair could come off an animal.

Fluff is relatively easy to manage if you check the chain before riding/moving the bike. Or hang it/cover it which in your case may be a necessity.
Fortunately our dogs only shed once a year........for 365 days. Learn to love a vacuum cleaner.
"Atilla. He's 20 this year..."

Wow! I had a cat that lived to 19 and thought THAT was old!

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Why is your dog riding your bike?


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