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> I looked over the posts for the last few days so I hope that I am doing this right. I checked the
> bike shops near me and not a one offers a bike for under $225. I have asked friends to
> grandparents and my absolute ceiling is $150 give or take only a few dollars. I can not finance at
> this time so I need to purchase from the lcoal retailers. The bike will be used only for street
> but I do not care if the bike's purpose is mountain/ or street. If anyone can offer advice
> regarding the models I have listed below it would be appreciated such as "not this one" or "give
> this one a try" that would be great.

As an owner of a "real" Schwinn, I was saddened to see Schwinn get bought out by Pacific and start
making department store bikes. I talked with a mechanic at my LBS recently, he said they new
Schwinns he has seen come in are a bit better than typical department store fare, but not a quality
bike by any means. --sniff--:(

If it is at all possible, I would recommend getting an entry level quality bike. Up here in the
North, I am starting to see a lot of great sales as the season winds down. The Trek 800 others
mentioned comes to mind, and Diamondback also has some great values in entry level bikes. But those
will probably still run about $200 at the cheapest.

If you only have $150, I would recommend, like everybody else here, trying to find a good used bike.
But take the time to learn what's good and what isn't, or you may get hosed. You can always back
here if you find one you want advice on, just give details such as to what components are on it.

Rick Onanian

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 00:07:01 GMT, Joe Potter <[email protected]> wrote:
> I got an old Nishiki road bike for $30 US here in Orlando a few weeks ago It is as light as most
> $1000 bikes I see, and it is much more fun *because* is was such a bargin. Plus, if I screw it up
> there is not much to cry about at that low price.

Yeah, except once you're out of a bike, and there's no more nice ones for $30, then you'll be bummed
even though you paid diddly for it.

<long other **** I was gonna say, deleted to save us all time>

Rick Onanian
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