New bike versus rebuilding old


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May 5, 2016
Howdy all - my LBS recently told me a needed new drive train on my Rocky Mountain Metro 50 would cost $400+. The bike when new cost under $700. Should I rebuild or buy a new bike? Not that it matters, but I'm considering Specialized Elite Disc or Cirrus Elite Disc. Thanks in advance.

What did you do to your bike where you need a "new drivetrain" for it?

What is your LBS suggesting that he will be replacing the current drivetrain with?

HMMmmm ...

Really. Just WHAT did you do to your bike which has resulted in the need for what must be an extreme makeover?

IMO, your LBS's projected cost is akin to a person coming in with a FLAT TIRE and the guy saying you need a new wheelset which will cost (because they are on sale!) you a mere $900 (tires, tubes, rim strip, CF wheels, cassette) ... they'll throw in the labor for free, but they'll charge you the necessary sales tax!!!​

Get thee to an REI & attend one of their bicycle maintenance clinics.

OR, buy one of ZINN's books or the BICYCLING MAGAZINE's maintenance book + some tools on an as needed basis (most of the tools you will need can be generic METRIC tools ... generally, only the Cassette lock ring tool, possibly the BB tool, and a chain tool will be bike specific).​

If you didn't trash your bike, then you probably only need one-or-two things ...

AND, one thing may simply be a can of 3-in-1 (or equivalent) light machine oil ... and, the other is possibly a can of Liquid Wrench if you have really neglected your bike's maintenance. That will set you back about $5 for the two + time + some paper towels.

I do NOT know what kind of drivetrain you have on your bike ... but, a new chain will set you back $15-$30 depending on how you source it (eBay can be your BEST FRIEND especially if there is only one bike shop within 20 miles of where you live) ... a chain tool will be $20 +/- ... get on which can handle a 9-speed chain at the very least ...

A chain tool which can handle a 10-speed chain can handle a 9-/8-/7-/single-speed chain​

In other words, if you did not crash your bike then should probably try lubing it ...

When you have the time, elaborate on what you think needs to be "replaced"-or-fixed ... AND/OR post some pics of the parts which are supposedly not functional-or-not-functioning ....

Because a new BB & crank should cost you less than $100 ... much less ...

AND, new derailleurs (presuming it isn't a bike with internal gearing) do not need to cost you more than $100.
If you're a sentimental person like I am, rebuilding is always better than throwing your old buddy to the garbage bin. You've had too many memories in that thing, riding around, and the least you can do is repair the bike when it has seen better days. But that's just me. On the other hand, if you don't know the total costs of the repairs, or you can't get an estimate on how many parts need to be fixed, then it's safer to just buy a new one with a warranty, to make sure you don't have to shell out of there are things that go wrong when you use it.
If I got quoted $400 for a repair on a $700 bike, I'd walk out of the place laughing. While I obviously don't know exactly what you've done to the bike, in my opinion there's no way that any repair should be that much, and I'd have told them aswell.
That is a rather high bid on repairs for a bike of that level. You might want to go to a bike shop for another bid.