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Just ordered a KHS FXT Comp 2002........

Arrives next week. A few crappy parts but for AUS$ 2K I am not complaining. Pretty good
deal overall.

Have ridden my mates 2001 version of the same quite a few times and it is just what I am looking
for, something in between the XC duallies and the "Free Ride" bikes.

Anyone noticed the major brands have bought all these "Free Ride" bikes out this season? There isn't
much left that is in between (in Oz I mean), Specialized Enduros are it I think, unless you front up
some moolah and get a "boutique" brand bike (Ethos/Intense/Santa Cruz etc).

Anyways enough of my whinging, I am just looking forward to no more sore **** and teeth falling out
when I do Rock Lobster.

Will give you a trail report.


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