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    Just received this - please pass onto any cyclists you know in Melb's western suburbs.

    cheers, :)


    Hi Everyone

    There is a new BUG that is being established in the Brimbank area (Sunshine and surrounds). Please find the details below. Please pass this on through your cycling networks, especially to anyone who lives in the Brimbank area ...

    The first step is to have a meeting to establish a core of interested cyclists. This is going to be at Isis Primary Care on Station Road, Deer Park, at 9.30am Tuesday 7th March. Anyone is welcome. At this meeting we will be discussing having a public forum and the things we will want to address there.

    If anyone can't attend that meeting, but would like to be kept informed they can email Gavin on brimbuggwATyahooDOTcomDOTau