New build Surly Cross Check


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Sep 19, 2010
Hi ! Planning to build up a steel frame cyclocross, a Cross Check for multi purpose riding.

I was initially planning to go for a road groupset, but costs did not permit me so.
I have finally decided on a shimano mid to high end mix of mtb components for a 10 speed. This is going to be a mail order from evans or Crc.
I have shortlisted some of the essentials
1.Shimano Deore M610 triple crankset.
2.Deore M611 triple fd.
3 Shimano SLX M670 shadow Rear derailleur
4.Shimano HG 81 SLX cassette
5. Deore M610 rapid fire shifters.

Please give me your opinion as to the mix of parts, and are there any better shifters or rear derailleurs that I should consider.
I am not too knowledgeable about components .
Looking forward to your replies.
When I see cyclo-cross, I think drop bars. But Deore is for flat bars.
Which one is it?

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