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May 12, 2003
Does anyone know about a new Cannondale road bike? Cyclingnews dropped a hint in one of their news articles ( first article). They called it six13, and a quick Google search revealed nothing. I was wondering if anyone had heard about it.

I imagine it as a full carbon or carbon/aluminum composite bike like the one Gilberto Simoni rode in the tour... but maybe it is something completely different.
Try searching for "CAAD8", it's what a lot of people guess the name will be.

(Even though Cannondale are starting to shy away from the CAAD designation.. e.g. the CAAD7 is now called "Optimo", etc.)
Are you sure about that? That the Six13 will be availiable as a framekit???? Cannondale has always only sold complete bikes....

Well, I've bought 2 Cannondale frames previously, not full bikes.
Originally posted by mrowkoob
Are you sure about that? That the Six13 will be availiable as a framekit???? Cannondale has always only sold complete bikes....
Hooey. Framesets have been available from Cdale for years, and it's the only way to get one in an odd rather than even size. I got a 57cm caad4 that way.
Originally posted by mrowkoob
Ok, any online dealer with c-frames?
Cdale, like many of the other big names does not sell on line. has Cdale frames but he is not an authorized Cdale dealer and you are dependent on him for any warranty issues, not Cdale.
Wow!That cannondale frame looks awesome!The price isnt that bad either-$2395 for frame and fork.Compared to some exotic italian prices thats cheap!Cant wait to look at one in real life.
Where did you find the price for the frame? I was wondering where I could get one... after I get a career.
The home page on that site I linked before has their pricing info and some other misc info.

It's quite cost-competitive with other high-end carbon frames that don't bask in the overpriced glory of being Italian. (eg Trek 5900, Look KG481SL etc.)

Interesting that the Campy lineup offered is wider than normal -- normally you were only able to get Campy from Cannondale if you bought their team replica. I prefer Shimano myself, but offering both groupset brands through OEM channels can only be a good thing IMO.
Well, seeing as the link has already been posted there isn't really much else to say!

A few things though...

1) So far, the Six13 is slated to have NO impact on the current Cannondale road line. All the Optimo bikes that these models "conflict" with will continue to be made and you will still be able to order/buy them from your local Cannondale dealer.

2) mrowkoob: The Six13 will be available in Europe at the same time as it is in North America (April 15th). So, that means you will be able to pick one up without worrying about shipping or paying duty! Also, you guys get a Chorus version which we will not get here in North America (yes that's envy in my voice :p )!

3) Cannondale has ALWAYS sold frame-and-fork sets. They even sell models with their integrated crank. Every year they have a crazy special where you can trade in your old frame (can be whatever you have - an old rusty Huffy if you want) and get a new Optimo frame for dirt cheap!! Any how, yes you can get the frame!

4) This new bike will be able to be bought through stores in 1 (yes ONE) centimeter increments from 50-60cm, plus in 48cm and 63cm sizes! So, for the first time from Cannondale, a 55cm will not be a "custom" order! You can just walk in to a Cannondale retailer and order a 55cm and pay NO EXTRA!! Note, that I only used 55cm as a sample you can get a 53cm, or whatever just as easily!

5) There are a few reasons that Cannondale didn't come out with an Ultegra model. Firstly, Campy is way better than Shimano (J/K :D IMHO ;) ). Secondly Team Saeco uses Campagnolo equipment (I'm sure this is a VERY small issue). Thirdly, Shimano is having HUGE issues delivering road groupos at the moment (especially Ultegra - I heard that Trek is buying groupos for their bikes from Shimano distributors in North America, and maybe even Europe in order to deliver orders!!!). Lastly, Cannondale didn't want to release a brand new model with a component group that is being totally redesigned in the next six months with a 10 speed version (that would **** some customers off don't you think!).

I hope this clears some issues up for the time being. Guess we'll just have to wait and see them all in the flesh in about a month!

If you'd like to see some larger versions of the pics that Cannondale has on their site click HERE. Click on the "enter the site" link, then on the Six13 pictures page. You can view any of the thumbnails in a pretty large version by clicking on them!


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