new carbon monocoque bike


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Nov 2, 2005
Hi all,

the other day, i dragged my dad along to the LBS (kathy watt's shop) completely expecting to buy your average alloy frame with carbon forks and tiagra about an hour later. 2 days later, and my dad is organizing to take au$2800 (USD$2155.24) out of the bank, so that we can buy a carbon monocoque, ultegra equipped bike. i'm no complaining of course, but i thought i better get the experts opinion before we blow a couple grand on it. so here are the specs:

Frame: Azzurri Monocoque carbon
Fork: Azzurri Monocoque carbon
RD: SHIM ultegra
FD: SHIM ultegra
Brake levers: SHIM ultegra
Shifters: SHIM ultegra
Crankset: SHIM ultegra 39-53
Brakes: SHIM ultegra
Cassette: SHIM ultegra 12-23 10sp
Bottom bracket: SHIM ultegra
Headset: FSA 1-1/8 integrated
Chain: SHIM ultegra
Handlebar: FSA RD 250N Oversize
Stem: FSA 150XT Oversize
Wheelset: SHIM WH-R550
Saddle: FSA RD 170 carbon w/ CR-MO rails
Seatpost: FSA RK 260 Carbon
Pedals: n/a
Tyres: Vittoria Rubino Pro
Weight: 7.7kg
Frame Weight: 0.95kg

I really like the paint job, and it seems like a bargain... but if anyone has any advice or anything, i would be glad to hear it.

many thanks,


P.S. does monocoque mean the frame is one piece?

I don't know anything about Azzurri, but that seems like a decent deal assuming that it's not your first bike and that you've done the work required to determine if that particular bike is right for you, i.e. is it the right size and geometry? Have you been fitted? Test ridden?

If this is your first bike and/or you're not sure that you're committed to the sport, that's an awful lot of money to spend on something that may well end up in the garage gathering dust.

thanks for your response. it is technically my first 'new' road bike, though i've been riding my dad old road bike around for about 2 years now, so i'm pretty sure that cycling is something i want to be involved with. and despite the fact that i'm 15, i have stopped growing. when i went to the GP the other day, he said i was much further into 'puberty' then the average 15 y/o, saying i was more like the average 18 y/o, and that the most i'll do from now is 'fill out' a bit, and maybe grow at the most 1 inch more.

and with the bike fitting, i have tried it out, and it fit perfectly except for the length of the stem (apparently, i hadnt noticed that bit, but apparently i was stretched too far) so they are putting a shorter one on now.

thanks again