New China - The Deed is Dine

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Old Mother Ashby, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. This afternoon I screwed my courage to the sticking point, cranked up
    the browser and got out the plastic. The exchange rate is as good as
    it's been for a while, no point putting it off any longer. Derrick
    pulled up a pew and watched.

    I bought the V&B Manoir **

    I bought 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates, 4 deep dinner plates, 6 soup
    bowls and saucers and 6 of the larger dessert bowls. Dad gave me $1,000
    for Christmas (I don't need money at my time of life but he's 89 and
    buying presents is too difficult) which I promised him I'd spend it on
    stuff and not just absorb it into consolidated revenue. It's all gone, I
    can tell you!

    No idea how long it will take to arrive. They promise to send me a human
    generated email in the near future. Last time I bought something from OS
    it arrived from New Jersey in 3 days!!! I think this might take a bit
    longer which is fine so long as it arrives before we go on holiday.

    Exhausted by all this, we took the dogs down the street to the new
    Indian place for dinner. Rosie shamelessly made up to the waitresses,
    who rewarded her with poppadums - we were eating at a footpath table,
    you understand, it's a balmy evening.