New Competition



As promised a new Competition would be announced  ;)

The way it works is very simple, have more than 20 posts to your name and post the 4,000th message and you win a Cateye Astrale CD100.

What is a Cateye Astrale CD100 you ask?

Its one of Cateye's best seller's, it has 9 functions, including the Cadence feature.


As well it has the following:
  • Current Speed.
  • Maximum Speed.
  • Odometer Memory Function.
  • Average Speed.
  • Total Distance.
  • Trip Distance.
  • Elapsed Time.
  • 24hr clock.
I should add, that V02 and I will be very strict on junk postings and spam. Anyone found doing this will not be eligible to win. Judging by the past posts, I doubt this will be a problem 8)

To register click the following link
i just got a new bike computer. a sigma bc800 (a later version of the one i had)cause somthing in the shed fell on my bike and broke the computer screen :(. sigma makes excellent comps and they are simple to use.
That Astrale is a schweet computer! Hey, maybe you can put a Polar HRM w/ cadence and power sensor kit. That would be SCHWEET! :)
Lasarus..Steve made a spelling mistake.. he tried to type in Pothole. I'll come over tonight to pick it up. Will bring a couple of beers with......TEXT.....
Laz, nice one! All you need now is a Giant OCR 3 to go with that! ;D
Well doneLaz you chatternox :)
So whats the next prize? what? want to pay for my new bike ;D ;D ;D? ok ;), thanks mate !!
Aww man, I needed to win because my Astrale head unit is busted. What's the next contest? ;D
(.....................) insert photo of me doing an excellent version of Gwyneth Paltrow at the oscars :D.

Steve thanks, I'm well pleased. ( I was going to say chuffed but does that carry the same meaning around the world ?).

Vo2 your right about the OCR 3.

and finally where IS the beer ? pothole


Hey and this is my 100th post which makes me a Senior member, now I am CHUFFED.
Sorry Laz, I drank the beer to "eeeease" the pain away. I wanted that prize. But as we all know, you are an athlete in training and alcohol is not allowed. :D :D :D