New Concept Website - Adjust Your Tri Times For Course Difficulty and Age


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Aug 21, 2010
Hi Guys,

Apologies for the plug but I this might interest some of you... is a brand new website that launched last weekend where you can find out your true race times after they have been adjusted for course difficulty and your age.

We analysed over 250,000 race results to create our unique statistical process that accurately adjusts each and every one of your race times depending on the specific course that you race and your individual age.

if you have raced a harder than average race previously then you may have set a PB without even knowing. RankMyTri will uncover your true race times so that you can compare them with your friends, club mates and the competition in our global adjusted rankings tables and show your results off to the world using your public race profile page (example)

Find out how you can win a pair of Newton shoes as well as exclusive 2XU and GU discount codes (our partners) just for having a look around the site -

Any feedback on the site or the concept is more than appreciated as we are a brand new website!