New cranks or not?

Discussion in '' started by koebwil, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. koebwil

    koebwil Guest

    I ride a qu-ax with 147 cranks, I'm into street. I was wondering if
    getting 125 cranks would be woth the $75 to buy them. Also I'm going
    to switch to a Luna from a Creepy Crawler, which I have heard is a good
    idea, but i would like to be reassured.

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  2. Mikefule

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    That way madness lies.

    All my unis have square taper hubs, which makes cranks reasonably cheap
    and easy to buy. In my bits box or actually installed I have 90, 102,
    110, 125, 127, 150 and 170 mm cranks, and I've tried most combinations.
    Once you start fiddling with cranks, you are never quite satisfied
    with whatever set you have on. That is part of the joy of this sport:
    3 variables, one compromise.

    A change of crank size will make a noticable difference to lots of
    things. It will take a few rides to become acclimatized to the change.
    I wouldn't recommend going any smaller than 125 for now if you're used
    to 147s. 140s would be almost identical to 147s. 147s sound a bit
    unwieldy to me unless you're going to ride some very steep hills.


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  3. ntappin

    ntappin Guest

  4. If ur riding mainly street instead of trials 125mm cranks are definatley
    worth it, You can go alot faster and smoother. Luna tire is also better
    because it has thicker side walls, a more even tread pattern and dosn't
    wear away as fast.

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  5. Do not listen to Mikefule. What he said may be true for road riding,
    etc. but with street crank lenghts can make a big difference. BUT, keep
    in mind that some of the best street riders use 145mm cranks and are,
    well, pretty good.

    I have the Qu-Ax, and my Luna tire should be here any day now. I ride
    trials just as much as street so I'm wary about getting 125's.


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  6. koebwil

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    ntappin wrote:
    > I would like ot know why you want new cranks and a new tire?
    > if you dont know exactly why you want them then there is no point in
    > changing.

    I want the new cranks because if I can go faster I can hop higher, and
    if I can do both of those I can clear more stairs. I want the new tire
    because the CC freezes and it is already wearing out.

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