New Dad! Trek 1000 from 2007 worth $375?


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Jun 9, 2010
I've been dealing with this guy on craigslist. He says its been ridden 1 mile, so I consider it new. the pictures make it look brand new. I've talked him down to $375 from $500. I'm a newbie, upgrading from a hybrid Trek 720. Should I pull the trigger?

My son bought one new for $650 or so. Was a good deal then, and still a good bike now. The T1000 was a bicycling mag "best bike for the money" bike a few years ago. Has 8-spd Sora/Tiagra groupset, which should serve you well. Wheels are most likely AlexRims, which are fine considering how little you're paying for the bike.
If you could post up the pictures it'd help. On Craigslist I've noticed that most Trek 1000's and similar bikes sell for about $350, so try to bargain the price down a little.

I bought a Trek 1000 seven years ago for about $500 and I have not regretted it. This T1000 is probably better than the one I had cause I know at somepoint Trek decided to upgrade the model with a carbon fork, which is nice.

Be sure to find out how many speeds it has. If it's 8-speed it won't be compatible with the current Sora line because the new Sora has 9 speeds. You can still get the old stuff for pretty cheap so I wouldn't worry about it too much so long as you don't wreck your shifters.

The Trek 1000 is a good buy for the money. Not so great for racing, but if you're not doing that it will serve you fine.

Great for intro road biking

Handling could be better
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The cons aren't too bad given that you are not racing. Also the weight really isn't a factor if you don't live in a mountainous area (literally) and if it comes with a triple or compact crank you'll be fine. The wheels and frame are very durable, and will in my opinion outlast the life of the components. Good luck!
njbeck said:
Should I pull the trigger?

**Make sure the bike fits you or don't buy it at any price**

If the bike is rust free and the tires and saddle aren't cracked from being left outside for 3 years, then yeah. You're in the ballpark and that'll be a nice upgrade.
Here's a pic.. I ended up buying it after having a lbs check it out. They concurred about it having only 1 mile, and so I was sold.


Any addons, customizations, or tips for a newbie?
I can't believe it came with such a fat saddle! I replaced the original after a few months.

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