New entry level bike questions for riders who know Giant, Gary fischer.


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Feb 3, 2004
I recently posted this in mountain bike section....I'm hoping one of you experienced riders can help me out.

"OK, after some thorough testing (of potential new bikes)'s down to:

Iguana non-disc for $ 850 AUD (retail $999) , Giant Ranier for $1059 (retail $1699) or the Gary Fisher Tassajara for $ 1140 (retail $1249).

The Ranier seems like the best bang for buck.....the Tassajara excites me more, and seems to have better shox. The Iguana seems like a good deal, buit if I was going with Giant, it would seeem to make more sense to get the Ranier...which is getting toward half price!!!!

I could really use some advice here!!

muich appreciated. looking forward to getting back on a bike after a six month break :)

I road a Tassajara last year while I was getting in shape and losing enough weight to get comfortably back to a road bike after a 20 year binge. I was about 325 when I bought the Tassajara (got down to 215 riding it and with the help of bypass surgery). GREAT bike! I didnt take it anywhere but pavement so I changed the tires to some Bontrager Select Invert 8 as they were more suited to my needs, put some Shimano 540 pedals on it, and a little bit better seat but otherwise rode it as stock. I rode between 20-30 miies a day and missed only 9 days from July 4th untill the present (in Michigan). Outside of a single blowout one day the bike had no problems mechanical or otherwise. It had a nice smooth ride even under my large body and the fit and feel were very comfortable even on extended rides and bumpy roads. I am not by any means an expert on Bicycles and do not want to pretend to be anything more than a novice myself but for what it is worth I STRONGLY recommend the Tassajara. Have Fun.
thanks zero...that is worth it's weight. I can use all the advice right now, specially from someone who's been riding it pavement for a while!

I'll be doing quite a bit of that. I've shortlisted it down tto the Rainier & the Tass. Both great bikes I can's down to the colour :)

I's down to disc brakes stacked against a funkier bike with a better fork, geom & grafiks (IMO :)

cheers for yor experience mayt.
I've got the Hoo Koo E Koo which is the model above the Tassajara and my mate has the Tassajara Disc. The Genesis geometry makes the bike 'feel' a bit different when you're riding it to begin with but after a couple of rides any other bike will just feel wrong!!

If you buy one you won't be disappointed :D
cool, that's good to hear! The Tass did feel a bit bit different to ride......but since I've already put a good portion of the money down after deciding on it (her :) , your words bring comfort. I really haven't read a discouraging word about the feel of the bike, the only thing i want to change is the seat & pedals...

I'm now looking forward to getting accustomed to Fisher style....

any other thoughs for cheapish ways I could instantly improve any important aspects of the Tass where she may fall a tad short?