New FastBack items for the M5 seat

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Mike Vogl

FastBack Designs has introduced its new hydration pack and seat bag for Bacchetta bicycles which use
the M5 seat.

Photos and other information are available at

The new FastBack Carbon hydration pack will be available in limited quantities beginning in
mid-March; some have already been reserved by shops and riders.

The FastBack Carbon seat bag will be available beginning in late March.

The new hydration pack is lightweight, easy to use, and includes a good-sized, removable tool
pocket. It accepts 50-, 70-, and 100-ounce Camelbak Omega reservoirs, and includes an attachment
system for mounting a Topeak Road Morph or other pump. An optional zippered pump holster is
available separately.

The new hydration pack is fully compatible with the new FastBack seat bag, but can also be used by
itself, or with M5 seat bags from other makers.

The new FastBack Carbon seat bag will appeal to riders looking for something a bit less dramatic,
more moderately sized, and more affordable than other packs. It is intended for rain gear, food, and
other long-ride essentials, but not groceries or one of the kids. It features dual compression
straps that flatten the pack when empty and insure it cannot droop into the tire even when the seat
is fully reclined. The new seat bag will be available in both black and neon-yellow.

The new products join the popular FastBack System, our full-featured hydration and gear system for
RANS and Bacchetta recumbents with mesh seats.

Mike Vogl FastBack Designs
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