New forum member from northern colorado.

Hey all, just joined this forum for some good ole cycling banter and maybe some advice thrown in. I live in northern Colorado, and was wondering if any other members have been/live in the Northern Colorado area and can recommend some mountain bike trails or epic road rides for me to tackle?
Anyway, glad to be on the forums, have a great next ride!
All I can say is.........MOVE TO CALIFORNIA!!! :D

Kidding, sure everyone has their favorite spots but I know nothing of CO. :p

Welcome! :cool:
You did not indicate where you are in northern Colorado but a simple google search for "northern Colorado bike trails" would be a good start. There are good trails in Ft. Collins and Loveland. Riding up and down Big Thompson Canyon would be pretty damn epic and Trail Ridge Road would epic your socks off. I lived in Loveland in 1969-1971 and used to ride my Schwinn Varsity 10 speed on the highway between Loveland and Ft. Collins but since I've not done that in about 45 years I can't recommend it.
Well, since I joined the forum, I've got to learn some new skills and basic information that has really helped me in becoming a better rider. I live in Africa and as I've not been to that part of the world, I wouldn't recommend any lane at the moment where you can ride and have fun.