new frame, old fork, which headset?


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Dec 8, 2002
My current fork's steering tube measures 1 and 1/8&quot;, the head tube on my new frame measures 1 and 1/4&quot;, plus a 16th&quot; (so technically it's 1 and 5/16&quot;). <br /><br />Do I need to buy a 1 and 1/8&quot; headset? If that assumption is wrong, what do I need? A reducer?<br /><br />Another concern... my steering tube is slightly larger at the base where it meets the fork crown. Is that typical, or would that require a special headset? <br /><br /><br />
um, GOT ME?<br /><br />I've only seen/used 1 1/8&quot; headsets!<br /><br />sorry!<br /><br />edit: what frame? is it new? did you e-mail the mfgr?
The frame is an 18&quot; 2002 Iron Horse &quot;Vice&quot; The reason I got a new frame is because my original one cracked, and it had a lifetime warranty. The guy in the warranty dept. tried to tell me that none of my old parts/components would fit, and wanted to give me $150 off a new, entry-level trail bike. I was insulted since the frame that cracked was their (at the time) top of the line XC bike... $2300 new. I told them &quot;no thanks&quot;, and opted to take my chances on the comparable frame. I got it and everything fits fine... except I wasn't possitive on the headset. <br /><br />Since my post, I've looked up the new frames specs, and it's stocked with a 1 and 1/8&quot; headset... which is what I have!!!! That guy was either joshing me into buying a new bike, or just doesn't know what he's talking about. They make a great bike... this new frame is very nice, and I plan to test it out HOPEFULLY this weekend. <br /><br />So to answer my own question, the headtube will be significantly larger than the stearing tube to accomodate the headset.<br /><br />Thanks!
for an "in" with Iron Horse - the forums at have their own IH section and ska todd works for them. I'm not sure who he is, but he must be pretty high up. I'd like you to the forum, but you have to register before you can go there.