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    So I am getting back into biking, if you can call it that. I rode a bit a while ago but before I could really get into it I had to have a fire sale and get rid of a lot of my stuff. Anyhow, I am getting back into riding primarly to lose weight. I am 29 and 5'10, about 210. While I am waiting for my bike to get in, I have been reading more about cycling I am really looking forward to getting into it.

    So my questions are:

    I know better than to ask what I should do when riding as far as getting a regime or workout plan. The first step at my level is going to be mainly just getting out there and biking constantly. My question on this regards what should I pay attention too?

    What are some good resources for new riders? I have been looking around online, and honestly, its a bit of information overload.

    When does the "season" start for road races?

    Cat 5 races are the starting races, what kind of distances, times are we talking about with these?

    Any stupid mistakes new riders do that I should make sure to avoid?


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    Basically if you are lucky enough to find a coach to monitor you a bit whilst cycling he is gonna give you lots of good advice. You can find one in a local club but since coaches are even worst then pro cyclists when it comes to races you might not get the most attention because they might be too busy training the kids that might go to a bunch of races.

    On-line is a good source of information, as long as you practice some common sense.

    If you got a cycling club in your area with a coach (or coaches even better that train different kind of cyclists, competitive, fitness etc) that would be good.

    Try not to cycle with people you dont like, or with people that make a race out everything, the whole thing should be fun...

    As far for races, there are lots of different races that you can participate, if you are not bored to. Its not such a big deal, but as the guy on my LBS said, if you get into it you might start having "responsibilities" which reflect to your free time as well. Meaning that you will find your self not enjoying things you like, like pork chops, beer and staying late because "your team" (which might be a bunch of c^nts (sorry for the french) will be expecting you to perform well in the race which will be forgotten instantly after.)

    Its also highly likely that the most "sponsorship" that you are gonna be getting in very small scale racing might be a free jersey (at best) all though you will probably need to pay that too in a "special rate" from one of the teams "sponsors".

    So if you really want to start spending lots of money, make your life a living hell so you can be 5sec faster in a TT or something like that, yeah feel free to go into competive cycling... and if you start to get really into it... then comes the doping to fuck things up good and proper for ever.

    Why dont you just find a couple of cycling buddies (a couple is more then enough I think) and go cycling every once and then, having a nice fredo-chino or something in the way and chat? You can all enroll in a cycling club with a coach that will have time for you to give you some advice for fitness and effective cycling techniques. [​IMG]

    Good luck! [​IMG]