New here, after sniffeling some questions(long post but i really hope some feed back)

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    Hello i'll introduce myself i am a guy who is intrested in getting the groove with cycling.

    I started as a swimmer (unsuccesfull) then after a condition test i scored 70 wich might sound a lot but is few for most here. I mean i only weighed 60 kilogram so we're talking 4200 ml(if i'd be normally economic it would be equivalent to 340 watt but honnestly im nowhere there not even maximally trained untill now) . I went straight to triathlon running a bit 10 mpw seemed already to much. I ran all miles all out to still score reasonbly. But eventually chonromalacia got the overhand. And i quit all endurance sport for couple of months.

    Now i went from 60 kilograms to 66 kilograms wich already seems a bit better. My cycling is still bad (not as bad as it was) and i still suffer chondromalacia.
    Now on the swimming it doesnt seem to bother me at all, and on the bike(read ergometer) it seems to bother me only a bit. I feel pressure but not as bad as like running(i get verry bad inflammation) or long walks(also occasional infi-almtion and pressure).

    I tryed a lot already and hopefully soon i can go to a new orthopeed to get new kinds of insoles and hopefully they'll help but i doubt it.And i long forgot about running,triathlon.

    Now my targets are to gain weight i am 176 centimeters small. And now i weigh 66 kilograms,Gain lots of muscle all round, and succeed inthe sports i dont seem to be any talented at. My main dream is swimming.... But i would like to break 55 minutes on a flat 40 km tt as well in my dream. And like to push 400 Watt one day(dreams) on the ergometer for 60 minutes.In swimming i dream of the 4 minute 400 free. Maybe impossbile but i want to try non the less.As i sayd this are dream targets. I dream of european competition in swimming and doing that 55 minute bike tt's like many people dream to go to the olympics and some ofthem do due to trying.

    I was thinking that at say 75 - 82 kilograms i'd probably be able to produce a lot more force then now. And that it might help my swimming,cycling a lot. Andget more attention from the ladys and improve success in working(i switch regulary).
    My self value is zero right now....

    The reality as i sayd i am bad ad poor and not efficient in any endurance sport for running my best sport i only was capable of producing a 20 minute 6 km.After a year of swimming 3x(4mi) and running 3x a week(10mi). My cycling is much more poor my best watt i ever pulled on the ergometer(i got a kettler fx 1) is 250 watt for 20 minutes. And my best 40 km i rode was 72 minutes. And for swimming when i was a kid 15 years old and started swimming i wanst good enough for competition and 13 yer olds would kill me in training. I overtrained just fro m training inensity.

    So i am far from endurnce talent at all.
    I want to train my body to metamorfose and get as close to the targets as possbile the next years

    - muscled beach body(over average strength and compensate for height)
    (75 - 82 kilograms at 1.76m // 165 - 180 pounds at 5'9")
    - 400 watt 1 hour power on kettler fx-1 or other trainer(might buy a tacx soon)
    - around 55 minutes for 40 km tt race.
    - swim sub 4 for 400 meters and sub 16 for 1500 meters.AND sub 4'30" for the 400 IM.

    SINCE I MIGHT NEVER GET THERE I JUST PLAN ON TRAINING 5 YEARS AND SEE WHERE I CAN GET and then try to keep my condition as long as possible up there.
    I 'll be happy with 75-78 kilograms, 5 minutes at 400 watt and 4'30" on the 400 free. And a sub 60 40 km tt. Since then i'll be better then i ever was in endurance and strength and also good enough to compete for the rest of my life even if just for fun.... And show a bit off to the lady's.And hopefully on the way the knee pain will disapear by stronger legs(stronger vmo), little impact sport, possibly new orthotics,....)

    SO HERE YOU HAVE IT Ive been completely honnest about the situation and thought to update to regulary so you can see where i get to. SO ihope i'll be another zero to something guy.

    Now to get the groove i already ead some here, and have some questions and wantt to know if the assumptions i got are right....

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    Jul 16, 2007
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    Here is some assumptions i have gotten after sniffling here:

    your conditon is (watt * 12.5)/weight in kilograms(toget relative shape)
    after a lot of searching this sounded like a good formula?
    I know oe are more economic then others but this seemed like close?
    So i have currently:
    260*12.5= 3250ml / 12.5 = 50

    I used my ergometer to test myself i went 100 watt + 40 watt every 8 minutes. I want to 260 watt for the full 8 minutes. Is that a good testing protocol?
    Now i am looking for a good schedule here's the last 3 weeks i am back in sport(i started weightlifting before to gain weight, and i ride 6 miles a day on a normal bike to do shopping travelling,...):
    20 minutes at 200 watt every day, 2 miles of swimming every day (6 days a week)
    then last saturday i did the test on my ergobike.
    I read the long thread of its killing me but... Since my target is to gain mass as well as condition it seemed verry intresting . But how to combine the training over 2 conditionning sports? I read the trainer of sillyOldTwit, Rdaddy sa yd to maximise performance work 5.5 hours in zone 4, 30 minutes zone 5 and 30 minutes zone 6,7 minutes zone 7. Is it okay to just split up these figures in the 2 sports? So 5.5 hours at an intensity i can hold one hour totalling in both swimming + cycling,....

    Maybe rundaddy or sillyoldtwit could help me here?....

    I also plan to do one easy long(90 mintues) ride every week with my race bike. And swim easy a lot between th hard swiming.Is that good if the above plan is good

    Thanks a lot in advance...
    Oh yeah excuse me for the poor english, i canread it all, but icant seem to write well yet.
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