New job - bike storage / showers at london bridge


New Member
Jun 25, 2017
Hi guys, new here so apologies if I mess up at all.

I am starting a new job tomorrow (Monday 26th June) and as far as I'm aware, the building I'll be based in doesn't have any cycling storage and shower facilities, (this was from one of the managers in the interview but I will also check myself tomorrow).

I used to be based in Soho and was a member of a gym/bike storage facility which had bike storage, showers, lockers, workshop which all made life very easy.

I've had a look online and called some of the local bike shops/cafes but am hitting a wall regarding off road bike storage and washing/locker facilities, even some saying there simply is nowhere to leave your bike at all.

I will be based, literally on London Bridge, a 2 minute walk from the station so if anyone knows of such a facility where I can park my bike/clean up/have a locker or even somewhere 'safe' to store my bike during the day and I can go to a local gym to clean up, that would be great.

Any help greatly appreciated.