New Kestrel Talon...good and bad...


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Jul 17, 2007
The very best of the good is that the Selle Initiale seat does NOT put my penis to sleep thereby allowing me to concentrate further on my riding skills and less on what my lover may think at some imaginary point in the future. The seat is narrow and thinly padded but very comfortable for me.....this supports the position that padding does not equal comfort. For some reason the FSA bars and Shimano Flightdeck brakes want to put my right hand to sleep..only my right hand?..need to play with the turn.
The bike is very light, fast and quick turning...and it climbs like a rocket...well balanced...I'm able to "throw" it while climbing without any reluctance. It is very smooth on smooth pavement...much more so than my steel CIOCC....but it IS stiff and has a relatively short wheel base and does not handle driveways, potholes or rough pavement nearly as gives much more of a shock. I weight 160 lbs. and this frame is feels as though all of the stroke is transmitted directly to the pavement....very nice....none of that creaking flex of old. Sounds like one of the cables is rattling inside the frame? Need to check.

More later......thanks all