New kid on the block.


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Jan 28, 2014
Hi all.
Just registered. Been around for a while. Decided to poke my head up and join so I can contribute. I'm in Manchester UK so may have a different angle on things and hopefully some useful info.
Keen cyclist. Almost all road unless one of my crazy sons drags me out for some death defying MTB rides. Well not death defying for them. But for me....
I tour every year, not for long as I miss family too much. Got a small bog here if you want to take a look
I'm male.
Been riding forever. Old guy now.
Don't have a main ride. Too many bikes. Is that possible?
One day I want to tour the states. It looks like good riding over there. Though I've still not toured enough of the UK. It keeps raining

"Too many bikes. Is that possible?"


Welcome and nice touring rig. There's lots of old farts on this site, myself included. 39 years ago I did a bit of cycle touring in England before heading over to the continent for the summer. Nice countryside and nice people.
Thanks. I love that bike. It's heavy but very comfortable. I think I've got a bit soft as I've aged and dumped the front panniers.
I've started to learn "less is more". Except for bikes of course.
Minus your front panniers is how I spent my time in Europe...on a W.F. Holdsworthy/Holdsworth bike I picked up in London. 40+ pounds of gear is heavy no matter how it's divided when going uphill!

Back in the 1970's, bikes were heavy, but at least the camping gear was fairly light weight.