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    My new Kris Holm Fusion saddle arrived in the post from
    '' ( today; I bought new
    cranks and a new seat post as well. So I fitted them to my Pashley 26"
    Muni, loaded up the car with my Unicycle and my two dogs, and went for a
    couple of hours off road on some hard packed trails through some

    How cool is that saddle? It was great, it's really comfortable, and I
    like the shape, I'm sure it helped me on the climbs. I had a Miyata on
    before, but I like the Fusion much better, the Miyata will be good for
    my old 20" unicycle though, I really need to practice some new skills.

    I was planning on getting a Nimbus 29" Unicycle, but I decided that off
    road is more for me, so the upgrades will keep me going until I save for
    a Kris Holm 29".



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    i just got the fusion saddle on my Kris Holm.... it totally kills the
    old Krish Holm saddle! the handle is better shaped to fit my hands, and
    the removable seatcover is awesome.

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