New Member Award



As you would be aware, we have just registered the domain
To help kick this new domain off we have decided to give away a copy of ‘Breaking the Chain’ to a random member of this forum.

To be eligible to this prize you need to be a current member of the forum.

Should the winner already own a copy of this particular book, they will be awarded a $35 gift voucher that can be used at Dymocks Books or a Bike Shop of their choice.

The random member will be named on the 1st of December 2001.

Click HERE and join now!
Yeah i'd buy you a beer mate!

We are trying to figure out a way of taking into account the amount of posts a person has made.

person one has made 100 posts
person two has made 25 posts

person one's odds of winning are 4 times better than person two.

Sound fair?

So the ones with the most posts are most likely to win? Wouldn't that force some new members to posts useless stuff or nonsense? Or some might even register more than one name?
That could happen, although Vo2 or I would delete usless posts ;) remember we want this to remain a quality forum.

Also everytime you make a post your IP is recorded (as with any forum) So we would soon catch on if someone was posting under several different I.D's

I cant win it, Andrea can't win it neither can Vo2. Of all the normal members, you have one of the best chances of wining so far ;)

BTW - this will be announced in the forum tonight! :)

Just being the curious monkey that I am...Who won and why?
Just curious!!! :D
Had I kept my mouth shut and read the next thread,I would have known the answer...DOH!!! ::)
Thanks Admin. 8)