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  1. Lew Hurt

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    Any good suggestions for a 3 day, 2 night ride in NM for April?


  2. Steve

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    "Lew Hurt" <[email protected]> wrote in message

    > Any good suggestions for a 3 day, 2 night ride in NM for April?

    Can we assume a self supported / pannier - tent - sleeping bag kind of ride ?.

    If so, what kind of distance are you capable of this time of year, at altitude ?. 50 per day ?,
    30 ?, 100 ?.

    Suggestions might be the Enchanted Circle in a clockwise route. north then east from Taos - North to
    Questa then east on Rt 38 to Red River (1st night), then continue over Red River pass to Angel Fire
    (2nd night), then continue west on Rt 64 and back to Taos. 100 miles total, with all down hill from
    Tres Piedras Pass to Taos .

    I believe there's still a shuttle bus running from the ABQ. airport to Taos.

    Not sure of the snow pack this year, maybe call the Carson National Forest headquarters for
    camping info.

    It won't be hot, may well snow up this far north in NM.

    Another option would be the Silver City / Gila Nat'l Monument area. There are some very good roads
    up to the Monument, with a 45 mile one way to the Moneymint from Silver City on VERY HILLY roads,
    then a detour to the east and loop back around south and west into SC.

    Warmer down this way, less snow (and chance for snow) down south. Silver City is harder to get to

    Another option would be to stay in a cheap hotel in Santa Fe and do day rides. This has the
    advantage of not needing camping gear (SF can also get snow in April), while allowing you to eat
    green chilly burrito's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day.

    1 option is the 28 mile loop around Los Alamos, with additional mileage if you start east over near
    the Nambe area (15 miles north of SF) riding 58 total or so.

    Lot's of good loops in the Chimayo/Nambe/Truchas area - Rt's 503/502/75, hilly though

    Also rides south and east of SF to Lamy on Rt 285/84 and or to Pecos and back on Interstate 25 for
    part of the route (yes - it's safe). Any distance you want, just turn around when you're ready. Or
    south on Rt 14 from SF towards Madrid (pronounced "Mad - Rid").

    Let me know if you need more detailed route info.

    Steve Bailey
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