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Oct 24, 2001
I have a 1994 Giant Iguana, with medium-ish groupset. The bike cost about R2 500 with the helmet. I am looking at buying a new bike and I am considering a KHS Alite 3000 frame with XT deraileur (back) and Deore (front). It has good disc brakes, good rims and handlebar. I am told this is the best frame in its class. The bike costs R10 500. Any ideas, suggestions or alternatives?
Howzit e-male...welcome to the forum!
What would you mainly be using the bike for? Serious trail riding or will you be using it for road races aswell?
I will be using it for road races as well. Moderate off road, no serious downhill racing.
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IMO almost any high end MTB will be alot better than what your currently riding, 7 years is a long time in 'bikeland' ;)

cheers mate!
KHS make awesome frames (road and mtb), and the A-lite 3k is excellent. It's a great bike with great components. I know that the A-lite 2k with 27 speed Deore groupset and SR Magnesium fork trades between R5000 - R6000, but I'm not sure about the 3k.
How much have you shopped around? You might just get a better price somewhere.
hi email i love mtbing to :) ,but what currency are you talking about?. Im from australia and you.

i have a wheeler black mtb bike it cost aus $700, its not the lightest/best bike but its reliable looks cool and handles well.

any ways welcome mate ;D ;D
Hey Nicholas

I am from South Africa and the Rand trades at about 4.77 to Aus dollar. :p, so the price is about A$2200.

Thanks to everyone for the replies, it helps in making the decision, it aint a small amount.
hi email i love mtbing to :) ,but what currency are you talking about?. Im from australia and you.

South African Rands. Not worth much, but hey, good enough to buy a nice bike with ;D

e-male, you do know that 10½ g's will buy you a road bike that will turn most people green with envy!
the AUD is pretty low now also......about 50 cents US i think :-(

Was only a few years ago when it was in the mid 70's

KHS make great bikes. I should know. I got one ;)

From what I've heard KHS are the only MTB manufacturer that uses proper racing geometry in their frames throughout their whole product line from the bottom to the top.

I paid R11000 for my KHS Flite 800 road bike (with Rolf Vector Pros)but then I got it straight from the importers who were trying to get rid of old stock last year December. It is such a brilliant bike to ride and the frame is extremely stiff and strong.

I have a KHS FXT COMP which is a great bike. However, my disc system has causedme nothing but trouble. Mine is a 2001 model using Grimeca hydraulic disc'system one's'. They are great for the first few rides, but then sux the big one when it is time to adjust. I have contacted KHS in USA and they no longer deal with the Italy company because as i found out when it comes to getting spares they don't want to know you. Just try contacting them through their web site. They sux!!!!

Anyway KHS bikes rock.
You don't have that anymore.<br />I know you've got a KHS DH50<br />huh! ;D
[quote author=e-male link=board=13;threadid=763;start=0#7048 date=1003954009]<br />I will be using it for road races as well. Moderate off road, no serious downhill racing.<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Hi.<br /><br />I'm sorry I don't have much experience with KHS mountain bikes. I do, however LOVE Giants.<br /><br />I'm thinking that if you are road racing, you'd be better off getting a road specific bike and a mountain specific bike. But I don't have all the facts so I don't want to speak out of turn.