New MTB, do these mudguards fit?


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Oct 27, 2011
Hey guys,

I am getting a new MTB, it is a Specialized Rockhopper Comp 2012. (from here: - no affiliation)

I want to install some mudguards on it and I have ordered these (no affiliation).

The mudguards were a last minute addition when I found out that I cannot order Ergon grips on the cycle to work scheme.

I was in a bit of a rush when ordering, but thought I was doing ok, as I have been deliberating over what to get on the cycle to work scheme for a few weeks already.

Anyway, the question is Will I be able to fit them onto my new bike?


That's pretty much down to how MacGyverish you are. Straight off, these won't fit - or rather can't be attached.
Best I can make out from the pics neither the fork or the rear dropouts have any eyelets where you can attach the stays for the mudguards.
For the fork, many people have used P-clamps with good results, And I guess you can always use a zip tie to secure the mudguard to the bridge between the fork legs.

The right rear is prime territory for another P-clamp, but the left rear may require some extra added bits. There you have the brake caliper occupying the place where you'd most likely would have preferred to attach the stay.
Rear front and rear top are probably still doable more or less according to plan - or within reach of zip tie magic.

What you "should" have done, was to get a front mudguard that attaches via an expander that goes into the steerer tube, and a rear mudguard that cantilevers out from a clamp that goes around the seat post.
They're horrible wobbly things that don't catch anywhere near as much of the crud as you'd want for "civilized" riding, but they do improve things for offroad riding.
Thanks for your reply dabac. I never really thought of it like that and I shall attempt to attach them as best I can. My only question is, what do you mean by p clamp? Can you send me a link to a listing or a picture of one so that I know what Im looking for when I go to the shops... I will probably source mine on ebay; and I am based in the UK... Thanks again. Vlad

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