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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Phil Stone, Mar 30, 2003.

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  1. Phil Stone

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    This is the US made equivalent of a SRM, I've been using the old version of it & find it very good
    for training feedback certainly way better then using a heart rate monitor alone.I'm going to
    upgrade to this new version, If I can find a few others that are interested I can get a great price
    for a group order.

    Powertap Pro The Pro series is a new Powertap system that comes with either a hub or wheel, new
    computer and receiver and Link software

    The Powertap Pro has an all new receiver that records cadence via a traditional cadence sensor. The
    Pro also allows the user the following features:

    -display refresh rate options (rolling averages) Which means you can see a smoother power, instead
    of the number jumping all over the place. I have mine set on 3 seconds rolling average for power and
    6 seconds rolling average for cadence.

    -recording rate options So, now you have 7.5 hours of memory at 1 second samples !!!! Or 15 hours at
    2 seconds. Can also do 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 30seconds, but unless you weren't going to be able
    to download for a while, anything over 5 seconds is pretty useless.

    -odometer presetting So, when you change out the battery, you can put in the previous
    odometer number !

    -screen layout options Now, you can configure the screen the way you want to see it. For example, I
    want to see Watts, Heart rate and Cadence all on the same screen. That also allows me to see watts,
    HR, and time too, just by moving the right button.

    -heart rate monitor only option So, you could strap it on, and then stick the thing in your pocket
    and it would become a HRM. Don't know who would do this, but you could..

    -lap button for marking intervals and laps Now, you have UNLIMITED intervals !!! So, you can mark as
    many as you like, with the push of one button, and then when you push it again, it records your rest
    periods. A REAL lap function.

    -ability to not count zero's in averaging
    O.k. , good idea, just don't do this for your power. You want those zeroes, because you want to know
    how much you DIDN't pedal. BUT, you do want to get rid of the zeroes in your cadence. As if you
    want to do a 5 minutes interval and you pedal the entire time and then a truck pulls out in
    front of you and you have to stop pedaling for a 20 seconds period of time, it would kill your
    average cadence, but really, you were averaging 90rpm up to that point, then average zero for
    20 seconds and then average 90 rpm for the remaining. SO, if you average in the zeroes, then
    you would get an average of say 86rpm. But in reality you averaged 90rpm for the entire time.
    SO, NOT averaging zeroes is a good thing for cadence.

    -faster downloading New download script, makes it faster.

    -better data handling (unit will display when interference occurred) This is nice. IT marks when
    there is a MISSED sample for some reason(electrical interference, etc.) So, now you know when there
    is a missed sample and you can go in there and then add back in some guessestimates. With the normal
    PT, it doesn't tell you where and when the samples are missed.

    -double the memory of the standard Powertap SEE Recording rate options above.

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