New Quad Pain - Fit/Overtraining/...?


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Jan 20, 2005
Sorry for yet another cycling pain question that’s probably already been asked and answered, but here goes…

I developed pain in my quads (vastus medialis, it seems), directly above and medial to my knees - basically right at the tip of the muscle and nowhere else. I only feel the pain when extending from a 90-degree bend at the knee to about 120-degrees. I feel no pain or irritation when standing erect, walking, etc. The pain is not the typical muscle soreness I’ve experienced from hard workouts in the past.

Some details/variables:

1.) I’ve been doing training rides for the AIDS/LifeCycle at 12-15mph, increasing in length 10% each week. I’m also riding 1-2 days per week, somewhere around 15 miles with lots of climbing (Marin Headlands), or about 30 miles relatively flat (Paradise Loop).

2.) Last Sunday’s ride, when the pain started (at about mile 40), was 70 miles with a strong headwind, on moderately hilly terrain (90ft/mile).

3.) I’ve been professionally fitted on my bike, including LeMond LeWedges. I changed the saddle after the fit, and had another fitter adjust my saddle height and fore/aft based on the previous fitter’s data sheet and his own measurements to align my knee with the pedal spindle. He ended up raising the seat approximately 4mm from the previous height, and put the seat further forward than I anticipated based on my own “eyeball” measurements.

Now my questions – I’m thinking I should experiment with raising my seat slightly and/or sliding my seat back (aft) a few millimeters. What do you think? Also, in this situation, is it better to rest a couple days, or get out and do a very easy recovery ride (e.g., 15 miles of low effort, flat spinning)?