NEW Rear DURA ACE Black 36 Spoke Open Pro Wheel

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    Hand built 700C 36 spoke 3 cross Clincher wheel set. All new components are as follows:
    DURA ACE Rear hub - FH-7700 for 8, 9, & 10 Speed Shimano HG Cassettes
    • Borozon Treated Races: Diamond polished bearing races provide ultra-smooth bearing action.
    • Labyrinth & Contact Sealing: Shuts out water, mud and dirt.
    • Lightweight Design: Freehub uses titanium freewheel body.
    • 376 g per rear hub
    DURA ACE QR Skewer included
    Mavic Black OpenPro rim, the reference in terms of high performance.
    Strong and lightweight due to Maxtal, SUP™ and double eyelets. Efficient
    braking: UB Control. Designed for 20 to 28 mm tires. Rim weight is 425 grams
    Black DT competition spokes built 3 cross, the all-rounder among spokes! This double cold-forged DB 14/15 spoke is designed for all applications. 228 grams for 36 spokes per wheel.
    DT standard brass nipples
    Wheel is radially and laterally trued.
    Spokes are aligned to follow the shortest path from hub to rim.
    Spokes have all residual wind up removed.
    The hub is centered exactly in the middle of the wheel.
    The spoke tension is optimized in steps, and the wheel is stress relieved several times.
    All these efforts provide long term stability and reliability in the wheel.
    Rear wheel weight is 1,039 grams.
    I have built over 500 wheels
    A “matching” Ultegra hubbed 36 black spoked, black Open Pro wheel is available separately.
    I ship USPS Priority Mail Insured to continental 48 states for $215 when paid by check or money order, or $221.50 when paid via PayPal.
    Contact direct at:
    dave at ornee dot net