New ride / Wheel problem!!!

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by jklew, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Jun 25, 2011
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    Hi everyone,

    I figured I would do my first post the same day I picked up my new road bike. This morning I took delivery of a new Devinci Silverstone SL3. It was a very exciting day, with a huge disappointment that prematurly ended my first ride. After driving home from the shop with the new cycle in the back seat of the truck (No body to drop me off at the bike shop) I got down to setting up the computer so I could record my first ride. Off I went... 11k in to my trip and all seemed good until I stopped at the first traffic light. As I pushed off I herd a spoke plucking kind of noise. I just brushed it off for a second thinking it was a minor adjustment thing, maybe the rear derailer was slightly touching the rear wheel spokes. Well, another few hundred meters down the road after taking a turn I felt a real wonky/wobble feel from the rear end. After a quick look I found almost every spoke loose on the rear wheel! I count myself lucky that I took the cell phone and was able to phone a friend to come get me.

    After getting home I contacted the shop and let them know of my experience. Of coarse the were very apologetic and asked me to bring it in anytime I wanted. They fixed it up as soon as I arrived and I was on my way again within 20min. The wheels are a set of Xero Shawla 200. The owner / mechanic said they were a good set of wheels and was very surprised by my problem. I just hope it doesn’t become a reoccurring issue. Anyone know of a known problem with those wheels? I have put approx 10,000k on an 2007 Giant FCR 3 and never had a problem like that. That bike cost less than half the price! I will try it again tomorrow.

    Everyone likes pictures so I thought I would add a one of this Canadian Made ride. I asked to have the tires and bar tape swapped out for blue, just to dress it up.


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    certainly not common, you shouldn't pay for them to fix your wheel, every shop gives a couple of months guarantee as a non written law,
    cool looking bike,