New Road Bike Options - Best Deal?


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Apr 5, 2015
Hi all,

New to the board, and entering year 2 of my quickly-growing road bike addiction (I had a Norco rental last season for 3 months)...I decided to buy a bike this year as I really enjoyed getting out a couple of times a week last summer...I've researched this up and down until blue in the face, and suffering from a bit of decision-paralysis! I'm basically down to three options - all are around the same cost, with different pros & cons. I won't likely be racing, will be all about fitness & weekend warrior along with a few different charity rides each season. Based on last year I would estimate maybe 1500kms per year...

Option 1: NEW 2014 Giant Defy Composite 3 - full carbon, tiagra, $1200 CDN (roughly $950USD)
Option 2: NEW 2014 Giant Defy Composite 2 - full carbon, 105s, $1400 CDN (roughly $1100 USD)
Option 3: NEW 2013 Trek Madone 2.1 - aluminum, 105 setup, $1050 CDN (roughly $825 USD)
Option 4: USED 2012 Giant TCR Comp 2, $1200 CDN(roughly $950 USD)
Option 5: NEW (private sale) 2014 Scott Speedster 10, $1400 w/pedals (roughly$1100USD)

I'm leaning towards new, even if it's "less" bike - strictly a personal preference for the after sales service @ my LBS (4 free tuneups, free flat pack, and a 30% discount on pedals/shoes/accessories at time of purchase...)

Just looking for some opinions on value & longevity for money - I'm not looking to be itching to sell & upgrade within 2 years...I have ridden all but the Scott (should be doing that later today) - this is my shortlist after knocking some off the list where I didn't like the comfort/riding position etc...or where the used condition wasn't as advertised...

DISCLAIMER: I know that ALL of these are 'more' bike than I need for weekend warrior rides, but I'm pretty comfortable in this budget so just want to make a smart buy within this space...what's more important - spending on carbon frame or buying something with higher-end gearset etc? (Or both on Option 2 if I stretch my budget...)

Thanks all...


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Sep 24, 2014
Giant Defy 2

I'm not a big fan of Giant, but the Defy rides pretty smooth and the 105 components are solid. giant amakes good bikes, they just don't appear sexy to me. But that's just me.

The upper level Madones are really nice... The 2 series... Not so much. Paying too much for the trek name and not getting enough bike.


Apr 3, 2015
Is there a reason you are skipping out on Specialized or Cannondale? The Allez is a great value.. I felt immediately comfortable on that one and they have similar price points. I assume you only have a Giant retailer near you. I think you will find the price bump for the 105's is worth it.

For this price range, I think you will be much better suited to nice Aluminum frame, a good carbon fork and a 105 group set over something carbon fiber.

Without being familiar with the Scott, I would tend to favor a new bike. First of all, you'll know what condition its truly in. Secondly, you get free adjustments, a free tune up, etc with the new bike. If you go with the used one, take to the LBS anyway and have them do a full once over.


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Apr 3, 2015
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